Value creation and employment on the way to the heat transition 2040

The umbrella organization Energie-Klima, a working group in the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, has calculated with the support of its members what a decisive factor the heating sector represents for achieving the climate target, also as a driver of employment and value creation – provided the framework conditions are right.

100% renewable heat by 2040

Information graphic on heat consumption until 2040

The heating sector accounts for half of Austria’s total energy demand. Here, the heat transition can make a decisive contribution to achieving the climate targets. With an aggressive expansion of renewable heating technologies, complete decarbonization of the heating sector is achievable by 2040.

The heat transition creates Austrianjobs along the entire value chain. While there were around 23,300 jobs in the renewable heat sector in 2010,it is expected that there will be almost 66,000 jobs in the renewable heat sector by 2040.

Technology diversity in planning, implementation as well as eligibility of renewable heat technologies (singular and in combination)

Concrete action plan for the socially and locally compatible phase-out of fossil heat generation in the building sector.

Implementation of the renovation targets in the building sector

Measures to ensure plant quality

Planning security for investors through speedy approvals, less bureaucracy and more efficiency in approval procedures

Long-term, stable subsidy programs for private and corporate plannability

Skilled labor initiatives for production and installation of equipment

Environmental tax reform

Renewable heat. For more climate protection and less CO2 in Austria.

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DVEK Brochure Renewable Energies Made in Austria

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