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Vision & Guiding principles


The Umbrella Organization Energy-Climate Protection, a working group within the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber stands firm to the content of the Paris-Agreement. This agreement has made climate protection a key-target of our societies, and an obligatory component of EU-legislation.

An economy-oriented approach to climate protection is our top priority.

The Umbrella Organization is the industry’s official representation and offers a platform for Associations belonging to the sectors Commerce, Crafts & Services and Industry within the Austrian Economic Chamber, as well as associations dedicated to a business-oriented implementation of renewable energy and climate protection.

In this field, the Umbrella Organization sees itself as first-stop-shop of the Austrian economy.

Guiding principles

The Umbrella Organization Energy-Climate Protection, as a hub and driving motivator, is founded on the following guiding principles:

  • Business-oriented implementation of climate-protection measures in Austria and support of export activities (also in the context of “flexible instruments”) are top priorities for enhancing and developing Austria’s position as business location.
  • Economically attractive technologies contribute to increase the share of renewable energies in Austria and the EU.
  • The activities of the Umbrella Organization promote the utilization of renewable energy sources and improve the understanding of the role of renewable raw materials.
  • Ecologically and economically efficient measures to enhance energy efficiency also help reduce specific energy consumption in Austria.
  • Creation of added value in Austria is of particular importance.
  • Support of energy technologies contributes to achieve a sustainable economy.

These goals shall be promoted by the following activities of the Umbrella Organization:

  • Statistics / basic information for PR work and lobbying purposes
  • Commissioning of and active participation in surveys (economic importance of the branch)
  • Presentations of the whole range of Austrian environmental protection and eco-energy technologies in order to support export promotion
  • Lobbying in the context of the Paris-Agreement

    • by offering expert opinion on national and international draft bills
    • by harmonizing general conditions on a national level
    • by promoting technologies with a high share of added value created in Austria